TUNE IN & TUNE UP is a Rhode Island Musicians Health Awareness Program designed to ensure that musicians and industry professionals have up-to-date information to make decisions about health awareness, healthcare, and health insurance. If you are a Rhode Island musician or industry professional (soundman, engineer, roadie, tech crew etc.) OR the spouse of a musician/industry professional, we hope you will become involved in this new membership program.

TUNE IN & TUNE UP wants to assist musicians / music professionals and their families with:

  • Improving their personal health and living healthier lives
  • More effectively understanding health awareness and healthcare related issues / problems
  • Ensuring that musicians and music professionals have understandable information to make the best decisions possible when it comes to their healthcare needs and the needs of their family
  • Receiving proper support services in times of need or crisis


TUNE IN & TUNE UP came about because Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame board members, many who are musicians themselves, were fed up with the lack of affordable health care options for the R.I. music community. Of prime concern was how confusing and daunting it can be to understand what may be available to musicians as self-employed individuals. A special Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame committee was formed to develop the TUNE IN & TUNE UP initiative which aims to keep Rhode Island’s music community informed about preventative healthcare options and other information necessary to make smart healthcare decisions.