TUNE IN & TUNE UP is a Rhode Island Musicians Health Awareness Program designed to ensure that musicians and industry professionals have up-to-date information to make decisions about health awareness, healthcare, and health insurance. If you are a Rhode Island musician or industry professional (soundman, engineer, roadie, tech crew etc.) OR the spouse of a musician/industry professional, we hope you will become involved in this new membership program.

TUNE IN & TUNE UP wants to assist musicians / music professionals and their families with:

  • Improving their personal health and living healthier lives
  • More effectively understanding health awareness and healthcare related issues / problems
  • Ensuring that musicians and music professionals have understandable information to make the best decisions possible when it comes to their healthcare needs and the needs of their family
  • Receiving proper support services in times of need or crisis


TUNE IN & TUNE UP came about because Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame board members, many who are musicians themselves, were fed up with the lack of affordable health care options for the R.I. music community. Of prime concern was how confusing and daunting it can be to understand what may be available to musicians as self-employed individuals. A special Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame committee was formed to develop the TUNE IN & TUNE UP initiative which aims to keep Rhode Island’s music community informed about preventative healthcare options and other information necessary to make smart healthcare decisions.


WHAT DOES TI&TU AIM TO DO?  (blue… including create, provide, develop, partner)

  • CREATE a website to serve as a clearinghouse for health-related issues geared toward the music community. As part of an ongoing initiative, TI&TU will gather reliable information from other sources for easy one-stop access to health-related issues. TI&TU will also work to support traditional healthcare options available alreadywhile stressing programs that target the health and well-being of musicians and those who work within the industry. TI&TU will especially focus on health awareness. Simply put, we want you to become informed and take action BEFORE bad things happen.
  • PROVIDE the music community with a TUNE IN & TUNE UP card which will entitle members to discounts or money off health-related products or services from participating retail outlets and also free or discounted admission to TI&TU sponsored events.
  • DEVELOP TI&TU programs such as health-related seminars, fundraising concerts, and a store decal/discount program that will offer discounts or free admission for TI&TU members.
  • PARTNER with health professionals, organizations and doctors throughout Rhode Island to bring information and services to our members



Don Culp, TI&TU co-chair
Russell Gusetti, TI&TU co-chair
Bob Howard
Pam Howard
Jeff Keithline
Bruce McCrae
James Montgomery
Craig Pickell
Steve Smith
James Toomey

Ortho RI
Mary Ellen Ashe – Executive Director
Dr. Michael Bradley – Surgeon
Dr. Robert Marchand – Surgeon

Day One RI 
Amy Battersby – Director of Clinical and CAC Services

Dr. Albert Peurini – Family Health & Sports Medicine
Dr. Mark Andreozzi – ENT & Allergy Inc.
Frank Rapone – Massage Therapist